From Dog Washing To Dog Grooming


Many people think that dog grooming should be left for professionals, but obviously they have never tried it before. Dog grooming is actually not that hard and it can be a lot of fun, you can spend some more time with your dog than usually, and everyone knows how much dogs love attention.

Nobody has the time to take a dog to the salon every other week. Time is not the only problem actually, since these visits to professional dog grooming places cost a lot of money. If you don’t have the time and the money for this anymore, get a dog grooming equipment and be the stylist of your dog for the day.

A dog grooming equipment is not too expensive and lets face it, you will need it if you have a dog. You will actually save a lot of money this way. Besides, you would do anything to have a clean dog, right? Here are a few tips on how to make a lovely clean dog from a fuzzy dirty one.

The best thing is to make your dog get used to grooming when he or she is still a puppy. If you do this you will never have any difficulties with dog grooming. After you buy the dog grooming equipment, which should include combs, brushes, clipper and trimmers, you are ready to begin. Puppies’ and dogs’ hair should be brushed every day, especially if they have longer hair. If you neglect this, the hair will get so tangled after a while, that you will just have to shave it off. Brush and comb carefully, so you don’t hurt the skin of your dog. With a little bit of attention and practice do it yourself dog grooming can become an everyday routine.

Dog bathing is essential, especially if you keep the dog in the house. Dogs are not like people: we wash our clothes every time they get dirty, but dogs don’t do that. After a while their fur gets dusty and it also smells. Having a smelly pet in the house is definitely not a very nice thing. Don’t be afraid of dog bathing: some of the dogs even enjoy it and they can get used to it pretty fast. Before you start dog bathing, prepare towels, dog shampoo and a big tub full of cool water. If your never tried dog washing before, your pet might be a little scared, not understanding a thing of what’s going on. This is normal, in this case just take things slowly, and don’t force the dog to stay in the bathtub. After a few tries it will be a successful bath!

As I said before dog washing is important but it shouldn’t be exaggerated. Dogs’ hair and skin can get easily irritated when washed too often. It’s essential to buy a shampoo made especially for dogs, your own shampoo might make the dog’s skin itchy and dry. Shampoos for dog washing can be found in pet stores.

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